Friday, February 20, 2009

From the Annals of Anti-Social and Counter-Productive Behavior

The scene: Seward Co-op parking lot, Franklin Avenue, Minneapolis, Minnesota.

A shopper, on foot, approaches the store as a mini-van, parked at the end of aisle nearest the store, starts to back out. Mini-van brakes to allow shopper to pass.

Around the corner comes cream-colored PT Cruiser, oblivious of mini-van's reverse lights and shopper, both. Cruiser must stop halfway around the corner, blocked by mini-van. Mini-van is also now blocked by Cruiser. Cruiser driver honks and gestures angrily at mini-van driver.

Mini-van pulls forward to let Cruiser pass. Shopper proceeds into store.

Leaving store, shopper sees Cruiser parked where the mini-van was.

(Don't get shopper started on the cell-phone-chatting shopping cart drivers inside....)

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